About the Breed

Australian Retrievers, also known as Golden Aussies, combine the features of two great purebreds: Australian Shepherds and Golden Retrievers. The designer breed is relatively new but growing quickly in popularity as word gets around about the dogs' wonderful qualities. Our Australian Retrievers are first generation, born to an Australian Shepherd with a Golden Retriever sire, both AKC registered.

...loves to go for brisk morning walks... joins us on family hikes with our other dogs... vivacious, loving, gentle dog... very loving and loyal...

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"super easy to housetrain," "very obedient," "pleasant," "calm," etc. I've found the Australian Retrievers are not super demanding of one's attention and are comfortable just being close by.... Like the Goldens, the Australian Retrievers love everyone!

from Facebook Australian Retrievers community

He’s the most intelligent and caring dog.

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